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Welcome to The Cedar Station.  The leading source for outdoor furniture, patio furniture, and teak furniture. Questions? Call Us Toll Free
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WoodWeb -Woodweb provides information for the wood industry including woodworking, cabinets, components, woodworking software, and more.

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Tons of info. about the wood industry. Great Site.

Uwharrie Behren's Chair with Arms

Uwharrie Behrenís Backless Bench

Uwharrie Behrenís Bench

Uwharrie Behrenís Chair

Uwharrie Behrenís Dining Table

Uwharrie Behrenís Small Dining Table

Uwharrie Bridgehampton Chair

Uwharrie Bridgehampton Child's Chair

Uwharrie Bridgehampton Footrest

Uwharrie Bridgehampton Settee

Uwharrie Bridgehampton Swing

Uwharrie Companion Arbor

Uwharrie Companion Bar Stool

Uwharrie Companion Bar Stool with Back

Uwharrie Companion Bar Table

Uwharrie Companion Cocktail Table

Uwharrie Companion End Table

Uwharrie Companion Kidís Side Table

Uwharrie Companion Outdoor Bar

Uwharrie Companion Porch Stand with Bench

Uwharrie Companion Side Table

Uwharrie Companion Sideboard

Uwharrie Companion Tea Cart

Uwharrie Fanback Chair

Uwharrie Fanback Childrenís Chair

Uwharrie Fanback Foot Rest

Uwharrie Fanback Picnic Bench

Uwharrie Fanback Picnic Chair

Uwharrie Fanback Picnic Table

Uwharrie Fanback Rocker

Uwharrie Fanback Swing

Uwharrie Fanback Two-Seater

Uwharrie Fanback Two-Seater Rocker

Uwharrie Fanback Wheelbarrow Table

Uwharrie Hatteras Chair

Uwharrie Hatteras Conversation Table

Uwharrie Hatteras Footrest

Uwharrie Hatteras Rocker

Uwharrie Hatteras Settee

Uwharrie Hatteras Settee Rocker

Uwharrie Hatteras Side Table

Uwharrie Nantucket Chair

Uwharrie Nantucket Childrenís Settee

Uwharrie Nantucket Rocker

Uwharrie Nantucket Settee

Uwharrie Nantucket Swing

Uwharrie Original Chair

Uwharrie Original Chaise Lounger

Uwharrie Original Children's Chair

Uwharrie Original Foot Rest

Uwharrie Original Side Table

Uwharrie Original Swing

Uwharrie Original Two-Seater

Uwharrie Original Two-Seater Rocker

Uwharrie Plantation Chair

Uwharrie Plantation Chaise Lounger

Uwharrie Plantation Footrest

Uwharrie Plantation Settee

Uwharrie Plantation Side Table

Uwharrie Wave Chair

Uwharrie Wave Rocker

Uwharrie Wave Settee

Uwharrie Wave Settee Rocker

Uwharrie Wave Swing

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